Palazzo Trecchi


Palazzo Trecchi was built in 1496 with the aim of becoming Trecchi marquis’ abode. The building had the chance to host, along centuries, noblemen and women of the higest ranks, such as Charles 5th, Federico Gonzaga, Christina of Denmark or Maximilian of Austria. During the 19th century, Palazzo Trecchi underwent a massive refurbishment, which confered the palais the aspect we can nowadays admire: Neo-Gothic adornments, graceful columns, valuable painted ceilings. In 1875, the ownership bought a building adjacent to the palais, which was immediately demolished. Hence, Palazzo Trecchi became surrounded on his all four sides by narrow streets. This confered even more grandeur to the palais. Among the most important figures of the new-born Italy hosted in Palazzo Trecchi, worth-mentioning are Giuseppe Garibaldi, King Vittorio Emanuele 3rd, Prince Umberto of Piedmont and Queen Elena.




The center


Trecchi Human Lab (THL) centre is located in the basement of Palazzo Trecchi. The access to THL goes through the main staircase of Palazzo Trecchi. In designing the centre, paramount attention was dedicated to planning contaminated/ uncontaminated lines, which never overlap.

Secretariat/Exibition area

Conference room


Two changing room

Frozing/Unfrozing room

Two storage room

The THL map

A: access point of the centre. Via A the restaurant can also be reached;
B: secretariat/exhibition area;
C: conference room;
D: path (uncontaminated line) from secretariat/exhibition area to changinging rooms;
E: changing rooms. Here clean disposable material for Cadaver Lab sessions is ready-to-use;
F: Wet-Lab;
G: dropping zone for used disposable material;
H: storage room 1, with standard surgical instruments and autoclave. Radiology technologies are stored in this room, and can be easily moved in the Wet-Lab;
I: storage room 2, with long-term stocked instruments;
L: frozing/unfrozing room, where anatomical specimens are both conserved in cold storages and prepared for surgical sessions;
M: disabled people access to the centre. Through M sealed sterilised materials and sealed anatomical specimens are moved into THL in non-working hours.

SECRETARIAT/EXHIBITION AREA: here are accomplished all the administrative as well as welcoming issues. Within this area, companies are allowed, if agreed, to place stands and marketing material for the whole length of the sponsored course.


CONFERENCE ROOM: here take place seminars, talks and discussion on any relevant theoretical aspect of surgery. The conference room counts 41 sitting positions. It offers all the comforts required to increase learning abilities.


WET-LAB: here take place Cadaver Lab sessions. The Wet-Lab counts 13 surgical positions. Each of these tables is featured with all the required systems, including a video camera. for the registration of courses and on-line connection to the conference room. The Wet-Lab can be partioned in two sub-labs made of 6 and 7 surgical positions respectively, through a removable bulkhead. The Wet-Lab access passes through changing rooms.




FROZING/UNFROZING ROOM: here the anatomical specimens are prepared for Cadaver Lab sessions.


TWO STORAGE ROOMS: in the first storage room, standard surgical instruments are stored and sterilised with autoclave; the autoclave itself and Radiology technologies are located here as well; in the second storage room, long-term stocked instruments are stored.



Download the brochure containing all the information on Trecchi Human Lab and the types of events.




The Trecchi Human Lab (via E.V. Soc. Cons. a R.L.) has an insurance cover for thid party liability, with the following features:
Insurance policy number: 2014/03/2189610
Limit of liability: €5,000,000.00
Insurance company: Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni
Activities carried out: organisation of conferences, seminars, internships, training courses, workshops aiming both to a theoretical and applied knowledge of topics. Events involve academic as well as practical lectures with anatomical specimens, models, medical supplies, surgical instrumentation, drills, plastic bones, relevant machineries; organisation of leisure events; publication of books, booklets, manuals, periodicals; realisation of on-line learning supports; realisation of on-line professional supports; provision of professional advice; management of companies and scientific associations; management of promotional activities; organisation of receptions in broader terms (e.g. art exhibitions, expositions, etc.); management of the totality of Palazzo Trecchi’s activities.

Disabled people accessibility

THL is easy to access also for disabled people. As shown by the line indicating the path disabled people must follow to reach the changing rooms. All THL spaces are perfectly reachable along this line.



Palazzo Trecchi

Via Sigismondo Trecchi, 20 - 26100 Cremona (CR), Italy

Cremona is a well-served Milan-close town. It is distant about 1h by train from Milan Centrale railway station, as well as from the main airports of South Lombardy, that is, Milan Linate and Milan-Bergamo Orio al Serio. Palazzo Trecchi is located in the oldest heart of Cremona, in Via Trecchi 20. In the surroundings of the palais (ab. 100 m far), is located Villa Glori car park. Once reached Palazzo Trecchi, THL is located in the South-East corner of the building.


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Via Sigismondo Trecchi, 20 - 26100 Cremona - Italy

+39 0372403555

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